Jordi Llaurens Yñesta aka “The Walking Stick Man” is a singer, guitarist, harmonica player, bass and double bass.

Jordi was born on the 8th of October in 1972, in the old neighbourhood of Gracia in Barcelona. He started playing the harmonica at 9 years old and slightly later the guitar; in 1991 at the age

of 19 he began his career as a professional musician playing the bass guitar.

During more than 25 years dedicated to playing the blues, he has shared the stage with other bluesmen y groups like: James Harman, Hook Herrera, Paul Orta, Sam Cockrell, Mitch Woods,

Todd Sharville, Little Jenny, Sharon Jones, Big Mama Montse, Barrelhouse Chuck, Victor Uris, Keith Dunn, Raimundo Amador, Amadeu Casas, Mike Shanon, Alex ‘A’ n TNT, Blues Devils,

Lazy Jumpers, Suitcase Brothers, Johnny Mars, Terry Mann, Julio Lobos, Smoking Stones, Carlos Segarra, , Lluis Coloma, Mingo Balaguer, Reynald Colom, Dani Perez, Javier Mas, Cafe

RnB, etc…

Throughout this time he has had the opportunity to share unforgetable moments of blues with the likes of: Alex Napier, Jerry Portnoy, John Hammond, Taj Mahal, Shemeka Copeland, John

Primer, Billy Branch, Johnny B. Gaiden, Big Bill Morganfield, Lurrie Bell, Paul Lamb, Larry McCray, Denny Freeman, Terry Evans, Felton Crews, John Alex Mason, Little Charlie & The

Nightcats, Corey Harris, etc, etc…



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He has played in well known clubs and festivals in the national and international circuit, amongst them: Cerdanyola Blues Festival, Reus Blues Festival, Terrassa Jazz Festival, Cazorla Blues Festival, Sevilla Jazz Festival, Almeriblues Festival, Roses Blues Festival, Manresa Blues Festival, Sant Cebria de Vilalta Blues Festival, Aragón Rhythm n Blues Festival, Olesa de Montserrat Blues Festival, Figueras Acoustic Blues Festival, Calella Jazz & Blues Festival, Cordoba Castle Blues Festival, Peer Blues Festival in Belgium, Viana de Castello Blues Festival in Portugal, Nou Barris/Barcelona Blues Festival, Vache de Blues Festival in France, Fressa Blues Festival in Osona, Great Britain Blues Festival in Colne, La Boîte (Barcelona), Salamandra (Barcelona), Jamboree (Barcelona), Clamores (Madrid), Bel-luna Jazz Club (Barcelona), Black Note (Valencia), Honky Tonk Blues Bar (Barcelona), Bluesville (Mallorca), Alkelarre (Menorca), Angel Blau (Andorra), La Traviesa (Tarragona), Cafe Alquitarra (Salamanca), Mariscal (Estartit),Cafe Residence (Bilbao), Garriblues (Garriguella), Sputnik (Lleida), El Vagon (Burgos), Maloe Melo (Ámsterdam), Bourbon Street (Ámsterdam), Triple (Amsterdam) etc…

During this time he has worked in parallel with various established fixed bands: Hook Herrera, Alex ‘A’ n TNT, Dan Electro, Tota Blues Band, Travelling Band, Johny Peres Trio y and The Suitcase Brothers Band.


Jordi Llaurens was one of the first founders of “SBB” Barceloa Blues Society.
In 2010 he was elected and prized as “Artista BluesCat”…the best Blues artist in Catalonia.
The Walking Stick Man has performed and executed many blues masterclass/workshops in various national festivals…



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With his band or as a solo act, WSM has recorded various television programs: Blues a l'estudi TV3 and Canal 33, Nit de Blues BTV, La Cosa Nostra (TV3), Agora (canal 33), (City TV), (TV Premia), (Canal Nou Vic), Bad Music TV, TV Calella, etc.


Cocreator of the first “Blues Bus” in the world…A authentic English double-decker bus, personally converted into a spectacular mobile Blues Club. 



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In the last few years Jordi Llaurens (WSM) has been working on his last project. The idea was to set up an analogic and vintage studio, and record a solo album… This project has concluded with his new solo album “Rise Again” after many hours and days finding the equipment, restoring it and finding the formula in which it could reflect not only in the sound, but the feeling of a vintage old school recording.
The studio is located in a very small village that doesn’t even have 100 habitants in the Tarragona region, and was built in the beginning of the XIX century. You can feel the reflection of the tranquility in the registered recording.
The studio is called “Old School Blues Studios” in what coincidentally was the village school a long time ago...


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 Including this last album “Rise Again” he has 6 more edited Blues albums… Some of them performed as a solo act and others collaborating with artists such as: Julian Vaughn, Hook Herrera,, Michael Young, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Lluis Coloma, Dani Perez, Javier Mas,Alex ‘A’, Casper St. Charles, Reynald Colom, Anna Caixach Quintet, Patricia Reyes, Russell Rodríguez, Juan Casas, Freddy Word, Marc Ruiz, Little Jordi, Michel Clavero, Balta Bordoy,David Giorcelli,Reginald Vilardell y Josep Marti (Pasto).

1. Alex ‘A’ n TNT “WALKING YOUR WAY” (bass) DISCMEDI 2001.

2. Alex ‘A’ n TNT “ I FEEL THE BLUES AGAIN” (bass and double bass) MAS I MAS RECORDS 2003.

3. Hook Herrera “PURO MESTIZO” (double bass) MTK RECORDS 2003.

4. The Walking Stick Man “CARAVAN BLUES” (guitar, vocals, harmonica, double bass) MUSIC LAB 2006.

5. The Walking Stick Man "UNDERCOVER BLUES" (DOUBLE ALBUM) (guitar, vocals, harmonica, double bass) MUSIC LAB 2008.
6.The Walking Stick Man "Rise Again" (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Cigar box guitar & Stomp box) DUPLYCAT 2017.

At the moment, The Walking Stick Man is presenting his latest solo album “RISE AGAIN” and making the live streamings from his litle contry home from the nort of Mallorca.


The Walking Stick Man 2017 - By Cubyca Solucions Grafiques